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Well gratefully I am a stay at home mom, I love spending time with my kids and familly, family comes first, my first crush was in third grade, I got good grades in school, I use to sell school supplies, I like to "collect" scrapbook stuff, I'm a horder and it's hard for me to throw things away, I like to "go away" for short weekends with and without kids, I waited a long time to have kids so I could be home with them. I don't enjoy cooking but do enjoy cleaning up after my husband, the gourmet cook. I like Dane Cook the comedian. My brother did comedy for awhile. I can bear anything knowing it will end soon. I like happy endings, even though they aren't realistic. I like to think I am pretty real, grounded. When I put my mind to something, I hit the ground running hard. I don't relfect back on my childhood years and think they were difficult. It's difficult juggling all the things I do sometimes. I want more time to scrapbook and tell my story. I love telling stories and hope others can enjoy them. I like enjoying friends coversation over coffee. I own a Nespresso cappuccino machine, I am technically and mechanically inclined. for some weird reason, I like doing inclined sit-ups. I believe life has its ups and downs. I would like to go down under some day. and with that I say ... DAY-O, I Say DAY-OOOO, daylight come and I want to go home!
My favorite time of the day crawling into bed at 1 a.m snuggling next to my hubby!


decorating, paper crafting, baking, DIY projects, DIY teaching material, scrapbooking, taking pictures, surfing (web that is), shopping, vacationing (tropical desitnations)... eating, taking walks, enjoying a good cup of coffee, talking on the phone, texting on the cell phone, blogging..